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Do Your Own Research

Published at July 8, 2020 ·  1 min read

Do you know who this is and what the painting is? What is “Spirit Cooking”? Why does “Spirit Cooking” show up in John Podesta’s emails? Do your own research. The information is all out there for those who seek the truth....

Muh Mask

Published at July 6, 2020 ·  1 min read

Doing a little research yourself you can quickly find out masks don’t protect you from viruses. In fact, they are detrimental to your health. Welcome to the world of Hypoxia When masks are made in a nasty place such as this, I’m wearing no such thing. I don’t do it anyway! 👊👊 pic.twitter.com/zXcs7aWvxG — William E Geary Jr (@PlastiksurgeonE) July 6, 2020 Do your own research....

Portland Tagged

Published at July 4, 2020 ·  1 min read

There is a right way to protest and make changes and there is a wrong way. The right way The right way The wrong way - Portland after the “peaceful protesters” This is the aftermath of more than 30 days of antifa rioting in Portland. There are no signs it is slowing. Last night they targeted the federal courthouse, smashing windows & setting fire. The area is trashed w/debris from glass bottles & fireworks used as weapons against police pic....

Thank You

Published at July 4, 2020 ·  1 min read

Thank you president Trump and may God Bless you and your family A great video to kick off the 4th of July https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPGZeywNjio Do your own research. The information is all out there for those who seek the truth....

Marker 9

Published at July 2, 2020 ·  1 min read

July 2, 2020. The so called “elite” just collectively sh*t their pants today. The tip of the iceberg. If you are not red pilled by now you still have time to piece together what is coming and the truth that has been withheld from us all. Otherwise that red pill is quickly going to become a suppository. https://qalerts.app/?n=4562 Buckle up. Its going to be a hot summer. The hunters have become the hunted....

Murder Most Foul

Published at July 1, 2020 ·  1 min read

If most Americans knew this was happening it would stop overnight. Killing the innocent - it doesn’t end well for those involved BREAKING: Under oath, Planned Parenthood's organ harvesting partner (ABR) states "we do a dissection" of babies, harvesting organs even while they have beating hearts "I can see hearts that are not in an intact [baby] that are beating independently” RT! pic.twitter.com/lJvNjwNlnL — Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) June 30, 2020 Do your own research....

Russian Collusion Was a Lie

Published at July 1, 2020 ·  1 min read

Don’t be surprised when the FISA arrests start to happen. Surprise! President Trump and Russian collusion was a lie. The latest declassified documents prove it. They set up General Flynn and many others. The other shoe is about to drop. Check out the video link below if you have any doubts. Also, you can read the same documents. Video: Where We Go 1 We Go All - Russian Collusion Was a Lie https://www....

Hodge Twins

Published at June 30, 2020 ·  1 min read

Meet the Hodge twins. Patriotic Americans. Heros of truth. Jim Crow laws return For Whites Only? Jim Crow Laws Return To Lincoln County, Oregon pic.twitter.com/uxKgvRb42j — Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) June 27, 2020 St. Louis Couple St. Louis Couple Uses 2nd Amendment To Defend Their Property pic.twitter.com/c5sab273LP — Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) June 29, 2020 Do your own research. The information is all out there for those who seek the truth....


Published at June 30, 2020 ·  1 min read

Imagine if Liberals put as much effort into harassing and assaulting people as they could into actually uncovering the truth that is out in the open and easily researched and understood. Then, you would have a real reason to be angry and real targets to go after. Your fellow American is not your enemy. Stop being so short sighted, go THINK for yourself. Nothing can stop what is coming. Leftist Violence Montage and More https://www....

Not All Lives Matter

Published at June 29, 2020 ·  1 min read

Where is the outrage? These poor dead children. “The gun violence in the streets of Chicago claimed the lives of three minors – with two others wounded in the mayhem – over the past week alone." “Ten-year-old girl Lena Marie Nunez was killed when a stray bullet shattered the window and struck her head while she was inside her second-floor family apartment in the 3500 block of West Dickens on Saturday night....

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