Why Is This Not News

The media won’t report on the massive hype that Covid-19 was built up to be. The real death numbers are not what you might think.

They also don’t report on the human trafficking busts and children being rescued. You just have to search, these busts are very common now and have only increased under President Trump. I’ve been seeing more and more human trafficking busts, especially with children and I’m starting to wonder is this also part of the “slow drip -> flood” that Q mentioned? It seems like if you want to wake a sleeping population this is one way to do it.

As far as Covid-19, well most of us knew this was over-hyped and purely political. When its all over I think many will look back and wonder how they believed this. You have to do your own research…

(VIDEO) A subtle admission by the CDC puts official death toll in serious doubt


Tick tock…

Do your own research. The information is all out there for those who seek the truth.

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