QAnon Fact Checking

Anyone can read Q’s drops or here or here - and many more places. There is nothing racist or violent about them. In fact, its very much to the contrary: See here, here, here and here are just four examples. There are many more.

The Q movement is not one person, in fact no one really knows the identity of Q. We know its less than 10 people. The Q movement is about thinking for yourself, questioning the news they feed us.

Anyone who promotes violence, racism, and evil is not associated with QAnon no matter what the media tries to say.

The fact is that the TRUTH is coming out publicly and THAT is what has them scared about “QAnon”.

What is QAnon

Amazing Polly does a good job explaining why they are so scared of QAnon in this video

Do your own research. The information is all out there for those who seek the truth.

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